Q: How long will I come to see you for?
A: This is up to you and what feels right for you. There is no ending date set unless we decide on one at the beginning of the therapy.
Q: How often will I attend?
A: I recommend no less than once per week for counselling. Psychotherapy is entered into on a twice to three times a week basis.
Q: Where is your consulting room?
A: My consulting room is separate to my house with a discreet private entrance.
Q: Do you have a waiting room?
A: No I am sorry I don't, so I would be grateful if you arrive no earlier than your appointment time. However, there is a separate room with toilet and wash basin.
Q: Can I park outside?
A: Yes, there is a set of wooden gates with a sign saying no parking, but you may park there.
Q: What reassurance do I have about the standard of your practice?
A: All communication is confidential and I comply with the Code of Ethics of The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and my training institution, the Guild of Psychotherapists. Each week I discuss my practice in confidence with my supervisors who are senior Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists or Psychoanalysts
Q: How much are the fees?
A: My fees are £65 for 50 minutes session. There is a small number of reduced fee spaces for trainees and supervisees.  
Q: What if I cannot attend my session?
A: If you have an unavoidable appointment or difficulties placed on you because of work or family commitments I will do my best to offer you an alternative appointment. It is important for the process of the therapy to try to keep to your agreed sessions each week and all missed and cancelled sessions are charged for
Q: How effective is Psychotherapy/counselling?
A: Research studies consistently conclude the positive outcomes for Psychotherapy.

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