Simon Good


My Experience

I have worked as a counsellor or psychotherapist since 1985. Much of my early experience was gained working with addictions. I have worked in the NHS and Prisons and high profile charities. Also in partnership with others, have created rehabilitation programs for private hospitals,
My private practice has been running now for over twenty-five years.  I currently see patients/clients and supervisees in Loughton, Essex. 
I have taught and supervised trainee psychotherapists and counsellors for several years. 
At present I am the Head of Training at Enfield Counselling Service.
Apart from my clinical and teaching roles, I am also active on many committees and boards furthering the growth and integrity of Counselling/Psychotherapy.
Psychotherapy and Counselling can take a substantial time to get to the root causes to effect permanent change. However, brief therapy may be an option in certain circumstances.
My work
Psychotherapy and counselling offer a way to discover more about ourselves and to make changes. They involve regular, confidential meetings with someone who is trained to listen without passing judgements and to understand the ways in which past experiences can shape our present lives. Being heard and understood, in itself, can be a very healing experience.

Through the relationship with your therapist and the shared exploration of your life, the hope is that you will find relief from recurring problems, live life more fully and realise your full potential. This is a process of change, as well as understanding.

Brief Counselling usually focusses upon a specific problem and involves meeting once a week for a shorter period of time, usually for around two months. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a longer process that has a broader focus upon self-knowledge and change. Psychotherapy might involve meeting once, twice or three times a week over several months or years. Brief psychotherapy lies somewhere between these two approaches.
You will find more information about psychoanalytic psychotherapy on the website of the British Psychoanalytic Council.
Working online
I have over 20 years experience of providing clinical supervision individually and in groups.
I supervise trainee supervisors on the Guild of Psychotherapy supervision training Course.
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